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Bios of Charecters



BALTO: Hero, Wolf/Dog and Main Charecter

Balto: Balto was known as the Wolf/Dog that saved Nome and some thought he saved all of Alaska.  He met the big screen in 1995.

Born: 1922
Died: On Tuesday, March 14 at 2:15 P.M.

Jenna: Balto's GirlFriend

Jenna:  Jenna was Balto's mate in the movie.  Although she was not a real dog when Balto was Alive it is thought the idea for her came from Balto's mother a red siberian husky named Jenny.


This is an great Balto site and I highly Recomend it: It is called the Balto Source

I do not own Balto or any of the charecters.  They all belong to Universal Studios.