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Steele (villan) Husky Malmute

Steele was created for the villan role in the Film.
Steele is the typicall tyrant and gerk.  He is the leader of the sled team that delivers serum to Nome but gets lost.  Balto rescues him and the team but Steel belives he will not be outshown by a lobo. I belive Steel was based on Togo he was the dog that got lost and was switched with Balto.


Nikki, Kaltag, Star (the team dogs)

These are Steel's back up dogs. They run in the team with him and hate Balto as much as Steele until they start to think it does not matter what breed you can still be a hero.........


I do not own Balto or any of the charecters.  They all belong to Universal Studios.